Flood protection

Climatic changes are particularly evident in the frequency of severe weather events. It has been shown did not Floods Occur only at the Elbe, Oder and Isar, but did smaller rivers and streams, For Example, after a heavy rain, inflicting great damage. Due to this, the flood protection in private Both the commercial and the sector is becoming increasingly important. Using many years of experience and innovative technologies Various flood control system can be designed and installed Individually.

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Fire water protection

The extinguishing water protection is a way to limit the damage in case of fire. Prevent the extinguishing water retention system did the extinguishing water used attracts other buildings or stocks affected. Especially in industries in Which chemicals are Housed bearings Which must not come into contact with water. So the firewater retention system are not only the safety but THUS to environmental protection.

Our Applications in Action

The illustration shows only a small overview of possible applications of our flood protection systems. The variety of applications is itself determined in each case through the floods” Each flood shows how effective the protection may be with the RS systems. A pension can only help to reduce damage, absolute protection but it will never be able to give. The protection, however, from major institutions such. Ex .: heaters, supply areas or control centers, can accelerate a restart” the building and thereby reduce downtime dramatically or not at all arise. For the preparation of installation proposals, tailored to their specific application, you can use the RSteam directly.

Project: German automotive

RS Stepanek KG protects the new body shop of a german automobile…

Eisenbahnwagon kollidiert mit Hochwasserschutzsystem ESH/LN.

Bei einer unserer Hochwasserschutzinstallationen in UK kam es…

About Us

We offer you sophisticated solutions in the areas of flood and environmental protection. With our own developments for these two market segments, we have created in the last 20 years a representative group of customers and are internationally a fixed address”. Developments such as the fire-fighting water retaining systems, mobile stop logs systems for flood protection, protecting every year countless residential and commercial buildings.

  • Special construction & Storage

    Individual solutions through customer-oriented advice and coordinated planning. Specially designed storage facilities for secure storage.

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