Flood Protection Systems Window Cover and ESH/LN get the FM Approval certificate

FM Global is an international property insurance and loss prevention engineering company with clients in more than 100 countries and 4400 employees.

The RS Stepanek KG applied for the FM Approval Certificate for the two flood protection Systems Window Covers and ESH/LN (single and split system).

The FM Approval process is carried out in two separate material and performance tests.

In the United States FM Global operates its own research and test center (Research Campus) on an area of 648 ha. This is, according to the company, the world’s largest and most advanced research and test center of this kind are scientific studies in the fields of fire fighting equipment, natural hazards and electrical hazards.

Test section 1: The flood control systems different material tests were subjected to the Research Campus for a period of 21 days. All tests have been passed.

Test section 2: Performance testing of barriers has been designed to simulate quasi-static riverine flood conditions, i.e. slow rising and receding floodwaters with minimal wave exposure and blunt debries impact. All tests must be completed in a total of two days. During the tests,  the leakage is measured 24 hrs. long. Thereafter, the systems of an impact test shall be subjected to a standard impactor. Then, the leakage is measured again.
The leakage rate shall not exceed 1 L / hr.  per meter system width. Both flood protection systems have fallen below the required leak rate and passed the test with flying colors.
The Systems get the  “Certificate of Compliance” of the FM Approvals Group.